Our goal is to design unique, functional projects that meet our client's needs and desires, respect the environment and bring pride to our clients and our firm. We reach to achieve designs that provide depth to each project. These goals allow our firm to be as selective about the projects we take, as the clients that select us.

elements is committed to the open and ethical practice of architecture, and we believe that in order to do so, the design and construction process must be collaborative and constantly open to input and feedback. The process not only involves the client, but those who will live, work, or play within the project, and will also involve the entire design and construction team from beginning to end.

Just as the process must be open, we also believe that our architecture must enhance and contribute to the quality of life within the community where it is located. Enhancing communities by design is a real purpose of architecture, one that we embrace and expect with the clients we serve and their projects we design and build.

Our Mission seeks challenging opportunities requiring innovative and reliable solutions, projects that enhance our communities and clients who enjoy working in partnership with us throughout their project's development. Open communication and consistent leadership encourage common vision among clients, principals and associates. We seek an efficient staff that is dedicated to quality and the enjoyment of their participation in our endeavors. Growth is controlled with the goal of maintaining consistency and camaraderie.

The focus of the firm is on architecture for specialized use; with a range of projects that vary widely from custom homes and remodels, large estates, public projects, city and county buildings, shopping centers, sports and recreational facilities.

While we are proud of our many awards, our greatest professional accomplishments are repeat clients, referrals and the pride the community takes in our work.

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