elements began in 1991 with a vision and architectural philosophy that continues to bring notoriety and success to the firm. We strive to provide personal attention to each of our clients making the experience exciting for them and for our firm.

As a result of talent, dedication, unique abilities and hard work, elements is one of the leading firms in architecture, engineering and interior design.

The firm's professionals works closely together as a team combined of architects, engineers and interior designers, to make sure they meet their own high standards of excellence, creating exciting and perfect projects.

In a few years, elements have grown to be an expertise designer, manufacturer of quality designs expressed in the work of the outstanding design team.

The strategy for the growth of the brand has been reinforced by a commitment to developing an exclusive personal service for an international clientele: elements has launched an Interior Design Studio created in response to clients’ demands for complete projects conceived according to the elements style and philosophy.

Different clients require different style; our goal is to cater them all. Where our designers can handle your project by providing original ideas for your interiors to supplying every piece of furniture, custom-made, specially tailored for your needs.

We are able to manufacture a wide variety of furniture products, from the home use to the commercial, such as restaurants, shops, showrooms, hotels, from classic to modern designs, such as dining sets, bedroom sets, tables, and sofa sets in addition to unlimited choice of decorative accessories.

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